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Diagnostics play a major roll in today’s car repair business as they are now sophisticated computer systems and therefore require in depth analysis to test and decipher problems problems.

We can offer good diagnostics on most vehicles with the use of several diagnostic machines. We use Snap-on’s Solus Ultra, Autoland Scientific VEDiS, VAGCOM, and the Bosch KTS system. Also we have the pico oscilloscope for electrically testing any component.



We have been doing diagnostics on cars from as early as 1992 and have learned what makes cars tick. We can offer the ability to connect with the computer on almost any car and give you a diagnostic read out of the fault codes contained within a code read is £20 +vat. Faults can then be discussed with you before we carryout any repairs

Training is a key part of modern skills and we try to get as much training as we can. We like a challenge and will take on any electrical fault and electronic fault we can, and were proud to be able to diagnose these faults.

Whatever your problem we can help you solve it

Call: 07841 285842

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The alphatune experiance is A1, it keeps the wheels of rounds sandwiches turning
Steve - Rouunds owner

Customer service at alphatune is just as high in standard as the work done, I have recommended the garage to friends and we all agree
Jamaine Hay